Ramen Nom Icon – Quirky, Delicious, Different

We want to create a unique, quirky ramen shop in Bay View that blends traditional ramen with innovative options. The atmosphere will blend pop culture, anime, kaiju for a completely new experience. Everything will be made in-house. Ingredients will be sourced locally when possible.


We are getting ready to kick off our crowdfund campaign for kitchen equipment. We believe that by having a built-in community of supporters, we can purchase the kitchen equipment and then look at how to fill in the rest of the start up  capital. We expect the campaign to begin on October 1st, 2018 and run through the end of the month.

The Food

Ramen Rethought

Vegan, vegetarian and omnivore options. Gluten-free noodles will be available for those with Celiac Disease. Plus, yakitori (Japanese grilled chicken skewers) and in-house fermented appetizers, along with a few other hand-picked, hand-made items.


Unconventional Ramen

This Rainbow Ramen was creating during our research phase. All the vegetables were fermented from scratch. The noodle and broth are our own recipes. The Ajitsuke Tamago is our own marinade.


Kitchen Equipment Crowdfunding

We are running a crowdfund project on Indiegogo to help us pay for the kitchen equipment we need to open the ramen shop. We hope you can help support it, or at the very least, share it with people who might be interested.


Feel free to drop us a note. We are hoping to open in late 2018 and will have more contact information at that time. Until then, check out our crowdfunding project for ramen shop kitchen equipment.